1.The best way to create WordPress to apps

Are you looking for a way to convert your WordPress site into a mobile app?

Apps are a convenient way to control the delivery of your content and offer a better mobile experience. With an app, you can increase engagement and reach a whole new audience through app stores.

Cirilla – Multipurpose Flutter App For WordPress & Woocommerce is an easy-to-use platform that helps you convert any WordPress site into a mobile app.

They have a dedicated WordPress mobile theme that can be used to create an app for your blog, WooCommerce store, or BuddyPress website.


Building your WordPress app doesn’t have to be complicated.

Create premium native apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Publish your apps on the Play Store and App Store in record time.

Preview app in real-time

Preview your app as you build it. Monitor your progress in real time with multiple preview emulators and see how responsive your app is in simulated device environments. Click Here To Test Your App

Smooth connectivity with troubleshooting

Eliminate any errors affecting your website and app connectivity with smart and instant troubleshooting. Rectify connection issues to ensure frictionless and robust app performance.

  • Create multilingual apps

Allow users to choose from different languages in your mobile app. Automatically translate your app to your website’s default language and allow users to switch anytime

  • Enable social login

Offer more login & signup options to your users and make onboarding effortless. Enable users to login to your WordPress app with email, Facebook, Google or Apple accounts

  • Support for custom posts

Think beyond the default! Not every business can make do with generic WordPress post types. Get support for custom post types & taxonomies and build all kinds of apps.

Cirilla gives you more power and control over your app and it comes with an App Builder plugin where you design and change your app designs without needing to re-publish to app stores.

The apps mirror your website and help you retain the essence of your brand

Set up advertisement campaigns in your mobile app using AdMob. Display relevant ads from Google and monetize your apps effortlessly. Get support for all popular themes with our free WordPress mobile app builder and turn every app session into a visual treat for your

Using their no-code app customizer, build a professional app that integrates all of your WordPress content, and customize it as much as you I


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